Great Gym in Mission Hills

Muscle Theory, a Great Gym in Mission Hills

Most of the people know about the benefits of working out periodically. Making a time during the week can be tough, as everybody is busy and each person has their own schedule. 24 hours options are usually expensive and not too personalized, making the workout repetitive and boring. If you want something different and exciting, Muscle Theory is a great gym in Mission Hills that will make working out entertaining for you.

The most exciting thing about Muscle Theory is that training sessions are partnered, grouped or team oriented. The coaches generate a competitive, fun and supportive environment. This is a great benefit, as it keeps you excited about the classes while you get maximum fitness results. Your mind and body will notice the difference in a short time!

An Intense and Fun Exercise

Coach Krystal Dattilo is the founder and director of training at Muscle Theory. In her words, ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!’. The classes are organized in small private groups. Workouts change every day based on a different focus. Each class will vary from Cardio 360, Upper Body or Lower Body to Full Body and Conditioning. Muscle Theory workout is designed to evolve and progress in order to avoid boredom and dullness. Each training session is different, making working out more exciting and gratifying.

Great Gym in Mission Hills

Another thing about Muscle Theory that makes it such a great gym in Mission Hills is that we use Polar heart rate monitors during all training sessions. This helps our members to track calories, making weight loss easier for those looking to get fit. Polar heart rate monitor definitely improves fitness and helps staying healthy and safe during workout.

A Great Gym in Mission Hills is Just a Click Away

Muscle Theory is a great option if you’re looking for a gym in Mission Hills. Avoid the high rates and poor results of chain gyms and get a workout that is exciting, complete and fun. Muscle Theory has a wide schedule to adapt to your routine and avoid you missing classes. From Monday to Saturday, you will find a great spot to come, workout, make new friends and stay fit and healthy.

You can join Muscle Theory today through our online portal. 1 Year membership, Month-to-Month and single-class options available. The process is swift and easy. You can pay online and start working out right away. You can also sign up to get your FREE 2-Day Pass and give this amazing gym a try.