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Health and Fitness Myths Debunked by Gym Experts in Mission Hills

The world of health and fitness is more developed than ever. We can find useful information for free, without the need to fall into confusion and be tempted to spend copious amounts of money for personal trainers. Still, this inflation of information had led to some nasty fitness myth being thrown around. Our Gym Experts in Mission Hills are going to debunk them in this complete, accurate article.

Top 5 Health and Fitness Myths

  1. Training until you pass out is the fastest way to improvement

According to our Gym Experts in Mission Hills a smart, moderate training incorporated cleverly, along with a good diet beats out excessive hard training. Of course, you should invest a substantial amount of effort, but never go too hard. You’re lifting to become healthier and relax, not to boost your ego. Ego lifting leads to injuries, mistakes and hindered improvement.

  1. Not eating healthy 100% of the time is an excuse – if bodybuilders can do it, you can do to

Ah yes, the ultimate argument on internet forums and conversations with your “gym bros.” Using bodybuilders as an example is a stupid and unrealistic comparison. Their entire day revolves around having the perfect meals to induce muscle growth and going to the gym. They have no other obligations, looking big is their only job. You have many more things to do, and it’s okay to eat something unhealthy from time to time.

Gym Experts in Mission Hills

  1. An out-of-shape trainer is a bad trainer, 100%

One of the oldest gym myths still refused to die to this day. Apparently, people think that appearance is everything that matters when choosing a personal trainer. A trainer is here to give you the knowledge and help you, to motivate you and hold you accountable.

Some of the world’s most renowned experts simply love to eat sweets and fast food. It’s the trainer’s brain, charisma, and knowledge that counts. He’s not a cover mode, but a trainer. Looks are irrelevant.

  1. Running with an empty stomach is good because your body will burn more fat

Originating in the cardio section of the gym, this myth has been a cause of numerous people fainting, vomiting and feeling exhausted the entire day. Your body is like your brain – it can handle multiple processes at the same time, but some preoccupy it more than others. This includes digestion.

Training on an empty stomach is equally bad as training on a stomach filled to the brink. Eat a banana, a candy bar or something filled with carbs – this will provide you with just enough fullness, with some additional carbs.

  1. Motivation is everything – you should always motivate yourself

In a psychological context, motivation is a waste of time – it’s merely your brain having to draw from your memories and thoughts to make you do something. What counts in every fitness regime is discipline. You won’t feel motivated most of the time. You will be sick, tired, bored or depressed – having the notion of discipline inside your own mind is the only thing that can beat those feelings. Knowing something is your responsibility and that you have to do it overcomes everything.

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