Different Personal Trainer in Mission Hills

Find a Different Personal Trainer in Mission Hills

Southern California is swarming with gyms and fitness classes. Still, it’s pretty difficult to keep a routine. Why is that? Most people argue that working out is boring. It is hard to find a place with the right people to keep exercising fun and exciting. If this is your case, there are good news for you. You can find a different personal trainer in Mission Hills when you contact Muscle Theory professionals.

What makes Muscle Theory so exciting is that each class is different. Each session changes every day basing on a different workout focus that goes from Cardio 360, Upper Body and Lower Body to Full Body and Conditioning. Classes can be individual, grouped or team oriented. In every case, the main goal is to help individuals improve their mental and physical health.

An Excellent Personal Trainer in Mission Hills

Muscle Theory was founded by Coach Krystal Dattilo. She has a love for sports and athletics started since an early age. For years she competed in soccer and softball teams, and in 2012 she earned her certification as a personal trainer by NESTA. She also competed in NPC Bikini Competitions and the WBFF, where she earned her Pro Card in the fitness category.

Different Personal Trainer in Mission Hills

What makes Krystal such a great personal trainer in Mission Hills is that she has a genuine love for workout and excellent social skill. She strives to transmit the team environments and extreme level of physical and mental conditioning achieved during her formative years to the Muscle Theory workout. She’s both compassionate and demanding, as her motto is ‘ if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!’.

A Great Workout Opportunity for You

Maybe you already tried it all when it comes to gyms. And you may find yourself frustrated because working out can be so boring and predictable, not giving you the results you want. With Muscle Theory, you can have a personal trainer in Mission Hills that makes working out exciting again. The system is created in such way that you don’t fall into plateaus. It keeps you enthusiast and gives verifiable results shortly.

Give yourself a chance to try something different. Sign up to Muscle Theory online and get an excellent workout to improve your physical and mental health. Muscle Theory has a wide schedule to fit your needs. The team is super friendly and will make you feel like an old time friend.