Exciting Boot Camp in Mission Hills

An Exciting Boot Camp in Mission Hills

It is great to find a workout that gives you results and is at the same time challenging and inspiring. That way, you can get continuing results that benefit both your physical and mental health. Muscle Theory is an exciting boot camp in Mission Hills that provides a complete, fun and competitive exercise routine. No class is like other so they keep interesting, fresh and intense for a long time.

The focus of each class varies from Cardio 360, Upper Body or Lower Body to Full Body and Conditioning. During every class, Polar heart rate monitors are used to help members track  an account calories. This is very useful for those specially interested in losing weight, and it improves fitness while keeping workout safe.

Muscle Theory is a Complete Workout System

What makes Muscle Theory such a great boot camp in Mission Hills is that coaches strive to help each individual improve their physical and mental health. People learn that most of their boundaries are in their mind, and those boundaries are the ones interfering between them and a fit, healthy body. Using the Polar heart rate monitor, each member knows which training zone they are in, as they can view it on large tv monitors installed in the studio.

Exciting Boot Camp in Mission Hills

Training sessions are partnered, grouped or team oriented. Coaches make an effort to keep them competitive and fun while giving you the support you need. This guarantees optimal fitness results while keeping you motivated and excited to go to classes. Coaches Krystal Dattilo and Ren Suarez are experienced and certified professionals with years of experience in workout. Whether you want to lose some pounds, gain muscle or just live a healthier lifestyle, they will find the best solution for you.

Join an Exciting Boot Camp in Mission Hills

Joining Muscle Theory boot camp in Mission Hills is a very easy process. You can sign up online for a month-to-month program, 1 year membership or a single class. Within a few steps, you will be ready to start attending classes. You can also get your FREE 2-Day Pass and make sure if Muscle Theory is what you need. We guarantee our friendly coaches and the great general vibe will keep you coming back for more!

If you want to visit Muscle Theory location, you’re welcome to come to 15235 Brand Blvd, Mission Hills, CA 91345. You can also call us at (818) 648-4031.